auto transportingWhen finding a good auto transporting company, it’s important to know the ins and outs of the auto shipping industry. Including an understanding of what your auto transporting company will require from you and what to look out for when searching for auto transporting services. In this article, we’ll discuss a few key points regarding making your shipping experience fast, easy, and as simple as possible.

The first thing is understanding what a reliable auto transportation company actually looks like. Typically they will have been in business for quite some time. Usually a few years. This is a hallmark feature since longevity in the car shipping industry is rather hard to come by. It’s a competitive industry, after all. Some auto transporting companies like to just take your money and let your vehicle sit there, not moving. The good ones actually price your vehicle to move. The lowest price is often the least reliable, in other words.

Another key to finding a good auto transporting company is reading their reviews at places like Transport Reviews and seeing how other customers fared with the companies you have in mind. Once you find a good company and book your order, you’re going to have to wait a while for them to find you a carrier. This is done by your auto transportation company. Their dispatchers will look for an auto transporting truck to actually pickup and transport your vehicle. Be sure to know your auto transport company’s pickup window. Most of the time it’s one to ten days. Different shipping locations may have different windows, which is why it’s always best to be prepared to wait for the entire pickup window.

When the auto transporting truck arrives to pickup your vehicle, both you and the driver are required to inspect the vehicle prior to physically loading it onto the truck. It’s important that this inspection happens. It is to note any prior damages on the vehicle before you release custody of your vehicle to the carrier.

This way, if any new damages occur during the auto transporting process, you can quickly and easily identify new damages. File a claim with their insurance company. Who will then cover the cost of repairs for any damages sustained during transport. This is why the delivery inspection is also just as important as the pickup inspection. Make sure to thoroughly inspect the exterior of the vehicle for any prior damage.

While you likely paid your deposit either at booking, upon dispatch or just before pickup. You will almost always need to pay for the remainder of the shipment upon delivery. Auto transporting companies almost always run on a cash-on-delivery (COD) basis. Since that gives them cash money in their hands as soon as they complete a job. They do not accept personal checks.

You can pay via cash, cashier’s check or money order at delivery. From there those drivers can turn any money orders or cashier’s checks into money at almost any bank. Which is important since that cash will pay for fuel and meals while they are on the road. Some auto transporting companies will offer to take the entire payment up-front. This puts carriers in a bind since they have to wait for their money, and oftentimes can result in longer pickup windows. Since less carriers take pre-paid orders that require billing the brokers.

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