Auto Transport to West Virginia UniversityAre you on the hunt for auto transport to West Virginia University? If so, we can help you, as we help students ship their vehicles almost every day. Students such as Jaime, who shipped a Chevy Malibu to Morgantown all the way from California! That’s one of the longest shipments, and one of the toughest, because West Virginia isn’t all that popular of a car transport location. But rest assured, we can help you ship to or from the area. Keep reading to learn more about the university and how we can help you, as well as what to expect when shipping your vehicle to or from WVU.

Information About West Virginia University

West Virginia University’s flagship campus is located in Morgantown, West Virginia. It also has satellite campuses spread across the state, and also operates a clinical campus in Charleston. Enrollment was over 28,000 in 2016, and it is one of the largest job creators and economic drivers in the state.

WVU has produced 24 Rhodes Scholars and is listed as a top public research university. It is considered a “Very High Activity” research university, which helps to draw students and professors both. The university itself is split into fifteen different schools of study, ranging from agriculture to medicine to law. There’s something for everyone at WVU.

West Virginia University is well-known for its Personal Rapid Transit system, which is used to shuttle students between its three Morgantown campuses. What makes it personal is the fact that you specify where you are going and the system will find a car to take you there. It’s a pretty nifty system that has been in place since 1972.

Preparing for Auto Transport to West Virginia University

The biggest issue with finding auto transport to West Virginia University is the fact that it’s in West Virginia. West Virginia is one of the least popular car shipping locations in the United States due to its remoteness. Its cities are small, it’s out of the way, and the terrain can be difficult for carriers. It’s certainly not impossible to ship to or from there, but it’s not as easy as some of the other areas of the country.

That being said, Morgantown is a popular shipping location in part because of WVU. This helps tremendously if you’re shipping to or from the campus. Satellite campuses in smaller cities may be more difficult to ship to or from. That said, the campus in Charleston may also be easier to ship to or from than the Morgantown campuses.

Fall and winter shipping is also going to be more difficult than spring or summer shipping. West Virginia is a mountainous state, so snow and ice can cause serious problems for carriers. Because of this, it may take longer for your agent to actually find a carrier. Also, make sure to budget effectively. If you’re in the quote-gathering process, higher priced quotes will usually move your vehicle faster into or out of West Virginia.

Interested in Auto Transport to West Virginia University?

Do you need quotes for auto transport to West Virginia University? If so, let us help! As the premier auto shipping quote provider in the U.S. we can get you quotes to ship to or from anywhere in the country. Fill out our quote request form to get get started. Once you do, you’ll receive multiple free quotes from top-rated carriers in your email completely free of charge. From there you can compare prices and services and even speak to a live agent. If you have questions about our services, shipping to or from WVU, or need help getting your quotes, let us help! Give us a call any time at 800-930-7417, toll-free, to speak to an agent.

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