Auto Transport to the University of MaineAre you interested in auto transport to the University of Maine? If so, we can help! Maine is a traditionally difficult state to ship vehicles from or to, but it’s not impossible by any means. However, there are somethings to understand about it. Luckily, we have plenty of experience in getting cars to or from the state, including for students.

Winter shipping is the toughest for Maine, but we’ve helped students such as Haley, who shipped back home to Portland in early winter. That’s a tough time for Maine transportation services, but we were able to connect Haley with reputable shipping companies who were able to help ship back home. And we can help you with that too.

Information About the University of Maine

The University of Maine is actually a university system, which is common for state schools like this one. The one we will focus on is the flagship campus, located in Orono, Maine, a bit northeast of Bangor. It is the largest university in the system and has an annual enrollment of over 10,000 on average.

It is a public research university and a land grant university. it is the only university in the state of Maine to be an accredited research university as well. Numerous alumni have gone on to success in their professions, including Stephen King, noted author. It is surprisingly active in collegiate sports, as numerous players across all major American sports have graduated from the University of Maine and gone on to see success in professional leagues.

Academically, the University of Maine has ranked in the top 100 public research universities for numerous years. The school offers 90 undergraduate programs. It houses the largest library in Maine, and is one of only a handful of schools nationwide to offer PhD studies in clinical psychology.

Preparing for Auto Transport to the University of Maine

As mentioned, winter shipping is going to be pretty tough. But really, Maine isn’t all that popular among carriers anyway. It’s out of the way and not all that easy to get to, nor is it in high demand. So shipping there tends to be more expensive than just about anywhere else within a few hundred miles.

We recommend gathering quotes as soon as you know you’re going to be shipping there. The further out you start searching and ultimately book your order, the better. Luckily, we can help you with that – just fill out our free quote form or give us a call to get started.

More importantly, make sure to ask for student discounts. We can help there too – if you use our form to get quotes, most companies that send you some will offer some sort of student discount. This may not help a whole lot, but any discount is better than none, and it could make all the difference in who you book with. Time and price are two of the main things to keep in mind when shipping to or from Maine.

Interested in Auto Transport to the University of Maine?

Do you need quotes for auto transport to the University of Maine? If so, let us help! As the premier auto shipping quote provider in the U.S. we can get you quotes to ship to or from anywhere in the country. Fill out our quote request form to get get started. Once you do, you’ll receive multiple free quotes from top-rated carriers in your email completely free of charge. From there you can compare prices and services and even speak to a live agent. If you have questions about our services, shipping to or from the University of Maine, or need help getting your quotes, let us help! Give us a call any time at 800-930-7417, toll-free, to speak to an agent.

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