Auto Transport to Brown UniversityIf you’re looking for quotes for auto transport to Brown University, you need look no further. American Auto Shipping has been helping students ship their vehicles to university for over fifteen years, and you are no exception.

We’ve helped students such as Jackie, who shipped a Honda CRV from Texas to Brown University in Rhode Island. Or Jeremy, who shipped a Honda Odyssey minivan north out of Florida. It’s worth noting that they shipped in the late spring/early summer, which is a prime time to ship. During the winter months, auto transport to Brown University may be a bit tougher due to winter weather.

But don’t let that stop you! We can get you free quotes to ship from and to anywhere in the U.S. regardless of the time of year. We specialize in getting you free, accurate and comprehensive quotes from top-rated shippers. But we also want you to be prepared to ship your vehicl, which is why it’s important to read on and learn all you can about Brown University and shipping a vehicle to or from the campus or the city beyond it.

Information About Brown University

Brown is a part of the Ivy League, a collegiate conference setup by the NCAA in 1954. Ivy League schools are known as top-notch academic universities, and include such prestigious academies as Harvard, Yale, Brown and Dartmouth, among others. Brown has high standards; only 8.6% of applicants were accepted for the 2018 semester. This is indicative of its high academic standard. So if you’ve been accepted to Brown, congratulations!

Brown is located in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, which is the largest city in the entire state. It is located in the College Hill Historic District, an area that is chock full of history. It is known for its arts and theatre programs, which are considered some of the best in the nation. Note too that it sits close to the Rhode Island School of Design, which is regarded as the nation’s top art school.

In addition to its art and theatre programs, Brown is well known for its Pulitzer Prize-winning alumni. It is also highly prestigious in a wide rage of academic fields. Technology, architecture, archaeology, engineering – the list goes on. Regardless, if you’re going to Brown University, you are part of the academic elite.

Preparing for Auto Transport to Brown University

Finding quotes or services for auto transport to Brown University shouldn’t be challenging, at least during most of the year. Winter shipping can bring hazardous conditions, due to the penchant for snow in Rhode Island. Also, during the winter months, routes shift from east-west to north-south, which can make getting to Brown from the west a bit more expensive.

That being said, it won’t be impossible, and we can help. Something you’ll have to keep in mind, however, is the likely lack of access carriers will have to the campus proper. Providence was built before the modern car, so streets tend to be cramped as-is. Carriers often cannot get through downtown Providence, which means you’ll have to meet them somewhere they can access.

This is fairly common among car shippers, especially across the eastern U.S. Make sure to coordinate with your agent and your carrier to find the best pickup and delivery locations for your shipment. Otherwise, getting your vehicle to or from Brown University is as simple as getting quotes, booking your order, and letting your shipper do the rest.

Interested in Auto Transport to Brown University?

If you’re interested in Brown, and need quotes for auto transport to Brown University, let us help! As the premier auto shipping quote provider in the U.S. we can get you quotes to ship to or from anywhere in the country. All you have to do to get started is to fill out our free quote request form. Once that’s submitted, you’ll receive multiple free quotes from top-rated carriers in your email completely free of charge. From there you can compare prices and services and even speak to a live agent. If you have questions about our services, shipping to or from Brown, or need help getting your quotes, let us help! Give us a call any time at 800-930-7417. toll-free, to speak to an agent.

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