Auto Transport to Ohio UniversityAre you interested in auto transport to Ohio University? We’re not talking about The Ohio State University – no, the other one in Ohio. The one we’re talking about is located in Athens, Ohio, and is the oldest in the state of Ohio. So, it may not have the popularity of OSU, but it’s still a popular university for students.

And we can help you ship there! We can help you just like we helped Pete, who actually shipped his car back from the university to Colorado. Rain or shine, snow or sleet, we can help you ship your car when you need it shipped. So read more about shipping to or from Ohio University and find out how American Auto Shipping can help you get it done.

About Ohio University

The origins of Ohio University actually date back to the Articles of Confederation, though it would not be founded until after the Constitution was ratified. It is the oldest university in Ohio, and is one of the more selective in the state. The university operates campuses across the state and enrolls over 36,000 students each year.

It has been recognized as a top university in the state and in the region. Ohio University offers programs for numerous fields including arts and sciences, business, education, communication, and more. There’s a little bit of something for everyone at Ohio University.

The university offers numerous student-run organizations, including a radio station, newspapers, and more. It has graduated Nobel Prize winners, senators, governors, musicians, and entertainers.

Preparing for Auto Transport to Ohio University

Really, finding auto transport to Ohio University shouldn’t be too difficult. Ohio is a popular car shipping location, and – on the whole, anyway -it’s easy to get around. The issue that it’s not located in a major city – Athens is kind of small, all things considered. But it’s only about an hour southeast of Columbus, which is a major shipping hub.

And that’s important when it comes to shipping cars. The bigger the city, the more popular it tends to be among carriers. That’s good because they want to run routes to and from major cities with lots of people and high demand. If they have to go off the beaten path, as it were, they want to stay as close to that path as possible.

So when shipping to or from Ohio University, you may find cheaper prices to or from Columbus, But that’s a drive, and it may cost you more in gas to get there than to ship it to the campus proper.

Speaking of, you may not be able to get your vehicle directly to campus. Ohio University offers both on and off campus housing, but you’ll want to talk to your shipper about the best area to meet to pickup or deliver your vehicle.

Also, make sure to speak to prospective shippers about discounts! Many will offer discounts to students, especially if they use a .edu email address. So make sure to ask around and see about saving some cash on your shipment.

Interested in Auto Transport to Ohio University?

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