Auto Transport to New York UniversityAre you interested in auto transport to New York University? If so, you’ve definitely come to the right place! New York University is a well-known school located in heart of Manhattan, New York City’s largest borough. As such, actually finding a company to ship to or from there shouldn’t be hard. Just ask Haoyu, who shipped from the campus all the way back to Los Angeles!

Regardless of whether you’re shipping to or from New York University, we can help you get your car there. We specialize in connecting customers with prospective shipping companies. So read about auto transport to New York University, fill out our free form, and see how we can help you today!

About New York University

As mentioned, New York University is located in Manhattan, New York City, New York. It’s actually in Greenwich Village, though it has campuses across New York City. It also has campuses worldwide, with major ones in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai. New York University is widely regarded as a top university, and it has graduated numerous Nobel Prize winners, astronauts, film makers, and more.

The campus itself has over 100 buildings in Manhattan, and several more in Brooklyn. The core of the campus, however, is situated around Washington Square Park. In fact, the Washington Square Arch is an unofficial symbol of the university.

The university has the seventh-largest university housing system in the United States. It houses over 12,000 students, but students can live both on and off campus. Considering annual enrollment of over 50,000, less than 1/4 of students live on campus. However, considering its location in New York City proper, this may not be a bad thing.

Preparing for Auto Transport to NYU

So, when you’re preparing for auto transport to New York University, you have to understand that actually getting to the campus is going to be nigh impossible for an auto transport truck. New York City may be one of the most popular car transport hubs in the nation, but it’s not easy to get to. The city is compact, the streets are narrow, and most carriers just can’t fit.

So when carriers are shipping to New York City, they’ll often ship to nearby New Jersey. This is because it’s a lot easier to access and it’s also pretty close. Customers can meet their carrier across the river for both pickup and delivery. If that’s not an option, contracting with a local tow company can get your vehicle into the city proper.

Luckily, though, every car transport company you get quotes from can ship to or from New York City. More importantly, it shouldn’t take long to find a carrier, and prices should be competitive. And it doesn’t even matter when you’re shipping; even in the winter months, delays are minimal because New York is used to winter snows.

Make sure to talk to agents about possible student discounts. Many brokers will offer discounts as an incentive to book your shipment with them, and they provide discounts for numerous reasons. One of those reasons is for being a student. Make sure to use a .edu email address to be eligible for discounts!

Interested in Auto Transport to New York University?

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