Auto Transport to Johns Hopkins UniversityAre you interested in auto transport to Johns Hopkins University? If so, congratulations on attending one of the most prestigious schools in the U.S. We’ve helped numerous students ship their vehicles to and from the university, including Katie, who shipped clear from Seattle, Washington!

We can help students from across the United States ship their vehicles to or from anywhere in the U.S. And we can help you too! Read about the school and what to expect when shipping a vehicle to or from it. You can then give us a call toll-free if you have questions, or you can simply fill out our free quote form to get started on your shipment.

About Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins is a private research university located in Baltimore, Maryland. It was actually build through funds given by the university’s namesake, Johns Hopkins. The money used to build the school was the largest single philanthropic donation in the U.S. at the time. Also, it is the oldest research university in the country.

The university itself is considered one of the most prestigious in the nation. It ranks quite high on numerous indexes and is considered very selective in its application process. 95% of undergraduates accepted finished in the top 10% of their high school classes.

The university’s flagship campus is located in Baltimore, though it also has satellite campuses in Washington, D.C., and several overseas. It is best known for its school of medicine, though it has numerous other fields available for students. Most students live on campus, though off-campus housing is also available.

Preparing for Auto Transport to Johns Hopkins University

Located a bit north of Baltimore’s city center, actually get a car there may be kind of tricky. Carriers handle 80ft transport trucks; they have a hard time getting around cramped areas. Luckily, the university sits not far from I-83, which carriers use a lot to get around the Baltimore area. This means you can probably meet them somewhere close by.

This is true for any major city, regardless of whether you’re shipping to a school or not. It’s pretty common in the car shipping industry. But most carriers will be able to get fairly close to Johns Hopkins University, which is good for you.

You should expect winter shipping to be a bit trickier. Baltimore is known for snow and ice in the winter months, as is the rest of the region. It doesn’t always happen, and it’s not incredibly common. But still, carriers don’t like wintry weather. It slows their routes and makes it more dangerous to get around. So prices during the summer months tend to be cheaper.

Luckily, most shipping companies offer student discounts, so make sure to ask about them. If you fill out our quote form, you can talk directly with agents from the companies that send you quotes. This way, you can ask them about their discounts and whether they provide any for students. This may not save a ton of money, but when it comes to auto transport, any money saved is a good thing.

Interested in Auto Transport to Johns Hopkins University?

Do you need quotes for auto transport to Johns Hopkins University? If so, let us help! As the premier auto shipping quote provider in the U.S. we can get you quotes to ship to or from anywhere in the country. Fill out our quote request form to get get started. Once you do, you’ll receive multiple free quotes from top-rated carriers in your email completely free of charge. From there you can compare prices and services and even speak to a live agent. If you have questions about our services, shipping to or from Johns Hopkins, or need help getting your quotes, let us help! Give us a call any time at 800-930-7417, toll-free, to speak to an agent.

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