Auto Transport to Fresno State UniversityCalifornia State University – Fresno, known as Fresno State University, is one of the main reasons people ship to or from Fresno, California. If you’re in need of quotes or services for auto transport to Fresno State University, you’ve come to the right place. Just like Leshia, who shipped a Chevy Silverado clear from Georgia to Fresno State. We helped her find the right shipping company for her needs even in the depths of winter. So if we can find Leshia quality shipping services, we can find them for you too.

Information About Fresno State University

Fresno State is a public university and just one of 23 different campuses of the California State University system. It is, as its name implies, located in Fresno. As of fall of last year, Fresno State had an enrollment of over 24,000. It offers degrees in 120 different areas of study, ranging from bachelors to doctorates. It offers both undergraduate and post graduate courses.

Fresno State is somewhat unique as it is one of only a handful of universities that has an on-campus planetarium. In addition, it houses a full-scale commercial winery, and student-made wines have won over 300 awards.

In terms of students, it offers numerous fraternities and sororities, as well as both on-campus and off-campus housing. It sits just sixty miles from the entrance to Yellowstone National Park as well. The campus is also within an hours’ drive of numerous outdoor and recreational activities, including lakes, mountains and more.

Preparing for Auto Transport to Fresno State University

Fresno is the fifth-largest city in the state of California. As such, finding auto transport to Fresno State should not be difficult regardless of the time of year. Students tend to ship during the late summer months, which is actually one of the best times to ship a car. Summer is the busiest season in the auto shipping industry, so prices at that time tend to be at their most affordable, especially to or from California.

If you’re planning on loading personal items in your vehicle, make sure to keep them light. It’s easy to say “I can just put stuff in my car!” The truth of the matter is much different. Carriers have strict weight restrictions, and additional household items can push them over that limit. Also, personal items may get damaged during transport, and the carrier is not liable for any damage to personal items that aren’t technically supposed to be there to begin with.

Some of the companies you’ll get quotes from may offer student discounts. This is especially true if you use an official .edu email address. When you get your quotes and start talking to reps, make sure to mention you’re a student and that you’re shipping to the university. They may knock a bit off the price.

Interested in Auto Transport to Fresno State University?

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