Auto Transport to Central Washington UniversityIf you’re looking at attending Central Washington University in the future, then your future probably looks pretty bright. CWU is the fastest-growing public university in the state of Washington, and though it may not be Ivy League-level, it’s a good school nonetheless. it attracts students from far and wide, including people like Donna, who shipped her Hyundai Elantra back home to Ocala. That’s quite a distance!

This is just proof that we at American Auto Shipping can help you find auto transport to Central Washington University, or any university in the United States. That’s what we do, and what we’re about. Whether you’re shipping to the school or back home, whether it’s summer or fall or winter, we can help you.

Information About Central Washington University

Central Washington University is located in Ellensburg, Washington, about two hours east of Seattle. It sits right along Interstate 90, one of the main east-west routes through the northern United States. When compared to other universities we ship from and to, Central Washington is pretty small – it has a student body of over 11,000.

However, the school itself is known as a top-notch public university. It provides degrees in numerous fields and has numerous residence halls for students. Students can choose to live on campus or off campus, which makes it easier when searching for auto shipping services to or from the school. Ultimately, no matter what you’re looking for, Central Washington has it, and we can help you get there.

Preparing for Auto Transport to Central Washington University

Washington state isn’t the easiest state in the U.S. to ship to, but it’s more popular than places like the Dakotas or Montana. More importantly, Ellensburg, the home of CWU, is accessible by one of the more heavily-traveled interstate highways in the U.S. Auto shippers want to use interstate highways to get to and from pickup and delivery locations. The highways save them a lot of time and make their rigs more fuel efficient, which saves money.

Therefore, CWU is easiest to ship to if you’re coming from the eastern United States. It’s also not so difficult to ship to from the west coast. Truly, the price won’t be the biggest issue – it’ll simply be carrier availability. I-90 is not all that popular for carriers, especially during the fall and winter. This is because of its location, and its route. Going through the northern U.S. makes it harder to turn a profit because there just isn’t a lot of demand through that region.

That being said, we can help you ship your car to or from Central Washington University. You may find it cheaper to ship to Seattle and simply drive the two hours to the university. This depends a lot on where you’re shipping from, of course, but if there’s money to be saved, your agent can help you find it.

Interested in Auto Transport to Central Washington University?

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