Auto Transport to Central Michigan UniversityGoing off to college for the first time can be nerve-wracking, for students and parents alike. It’s important to have everything planned and ready, but there’s a lot to think about, including shipping a vehicle to school. If you’re thinking about auto transport to Central Michigan University, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into.

Luckily, we can ship just about anything to or from CMU regardless of the time of year. Just ask Joe – he shipped a Chevy Triax back home to Juneau, Alaska, from CMU. Or Hannah, who shipped back to Fullerton after graduation. If we can help Joe get his car back to Juneau, Alaska, we can help you ship your car anywhere it needs to go, to or from CMU. Learn more about the school itself, shipping a vehicle there, how to prepare, and how to get started on your shipment right here.

Information About Central Michigan University

CMU is a public research university located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Mount Pleasant sits about an hour north of Lansing and two hours northwest of Detroit. This makes it easy to get to, while still far enough from the state’s major cities. CMU is one of the nation’s top universities in terms of size and classes offered. CMU’s neuroscience program was named “program of the year” back in 2013, for instance.

Most students who attend Central Michigan University stay in one of the school’s 22 residence halls, grouped together in four separate areas. Some are associated with specific departments of the university. CMU, like most American colleges, also supports Greek fraternities and sororities.

On the whole, plenty of shippers transport cars to central Michigan, though Mount Pleasant definitely sits farther north than where carriers want to go. Lansing tends to be a popular area, though Detroit is definitely the most popular. You may be able to save some money by shipping to one of those areas and driving north to the school.

Preparing for Auto Transport to Central Michigan University

If you are shipping to or from CMU, you’ll want to prepare accordingly. For summer shipments, especially for fall classes, the sooner you ship the better. Michigan gets a lot of snow and ice starting in the fall, after all. So if you’re trying to ship come the winter months, especially for winter classes, you may run into issues.

Part of the problem with Michigan shipping services is simply the price. Michigan is in the middle of nowhere when it comes to popular auto transportation locations. So carriers don’t want to go there unless the price is right. This is where you come in. If you are shipping to CMU, you might be able to save money by shipping to Lansing or Detroit and driving it.

If you’ve decided to ship straight to the university, make sure to talk to your agent about pickup and delivery addresses. Some carriers may not be able to get directly to your residence hall. If you live off-campus, it may be easier, but most students live on-campus. As a result, it can be more difficult to ship to those areas, and you should talk to an agent to find alternative pickup and delivery locations.

Interested in Auto Transport to Central Michigan University?

If you’re interested in Central Michigan, and need quotes for auto transport to Central Michigan University, let us help! As the premier auto shipping quote provider in the U.S. we can get you quotes to ship to or from anywhere in the country. All you have to do to get started is to fill out our free quote request form. Once that’s submitted, you’ll receive multiple free quotes from top-rated carriers in your email completely free of charge. From there you can compare prices and services and even speak to a live agent. If you have questions about our services, shipping to or from CMU, or need help getting your quotes, let us help! Give us a call any time at 800-930-7417. toll-free, to speak to an agent.

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