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Auto Transport Tips: The Rules Regarding Shipping Personal Items

Myrtle Beach 1As we’re sure you’re well aware of, you can only transport cars on a car transport truck. And that’s really not surprising; you wouldn’t want to transport a ton of ice cream in a chicken truck, would you?

No, because it would all melt, and the people stuck behind you would probably not appreciate trying to wipe off melted ice cream with their windshield wipers. Talk about a waste of product!

And when it comes down to it, in any industry that has to transport goods from one part of the country to another, you’re going to need the right kind of truck to haul your product. In the ice cream industry, freezer trucks are required; in the car shipping industry, it’s going to be car transport trucks.

But car transport trucks are designed to haul cars, and that’s all they’re designed to haul. They’re car transport trucks. So that means that you can ship any type of vehicle, so long as it will be able to be loaded onto and off of the truck and can fit within its confines.

There are different designs for car shipping trucks, and different trucks can haul a different number of vehicles (there are three-car carriers, and eight-car haulers, ten-car carriers), not to mention open and enclosed transportation trucks, which provide different protections for the vehicles they haul. So when it comes to transporting personal items in your vehicle while it is being shipped, the rules tend to be that you…well…can’t.

But all rules are made to be broken, right? Many customers ask about transporting personal items in their vehicles, and we’ve talked a bit about it before in different blog posts. Those make it fairly clear what is expected of you when it comes to packing personal items in a vehicle going on an auto transport carrier.

.The term “junk in the trunk” certainly comes to mind, and ultimately that’s what you want to put in your vehicle. You can have things in your car, but only to a certain limit – some companies say 50 pounds, some say 100, and almost any company that goes over that is lying to you.

It has to do with the excess weight – auto shipping trucks, even full, can only weigh so much (something to do with damaging existing infrastructure or something), and that’s why there are rules regarding shipping personal items in vehicles. For more information, give us a call, and we can explain in more detail.

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