Car Transport to Kent, WashingtonKent is a city located in King County, in the U.S. state of Washington. It is currently home to a population of over 125,500 total residents, quite a jump over its official 2010 Census population of 97,000. Kent is in the heart of the Seattle-Tacoma metroplex and is a core component of the Seattle, Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area. Kent was founded in 1890, making it the second-oldest city in King County, after Seattle, and originally was mostly an agricultural area outside of the big city. Over time, though, Kent became more industrialized, and today is home to hundreds of different companies in a wide array of economic sectors. Major ones in the city include retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government services, and many more.

Basic Facts About Kent

  • Current population: 125,500
  • Current mayor: Suzette Cooke
  • Total area: 34.19 sq mi
  • Located in: King County
  • Founded in: 1890
  • Area codes: 253

Car Transport to Kent Tips and Tricks

On the whole, finding car transport to Kent, Washington should not be all that difficult. It’s in a densely populated metropolitan area, which means that carriers can easily get from one customer to another quickly, which helps them keep their transit times shorter and prices lower more often than not. Having access to a wide variety of customers, most of which are within an hour or two of one another, means carriers can pickup and deliver multiple vehicles in a day, netting them more money in a short amount of time. Not only that, but it sits right along Interstate 5, the most important north-south interstate in the western U.S. This ease of access, coupled with the amount of customers in the region, makes car transport to Kent easier to find, faster to book and cheaper to ship, all things considered.

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Kent Zip Codes Include:

98030, 98031, 98032, 98035, 98042, 98064, 98089