Auto Transport to Lakewood, WashingtonLakewood is a city located in Pierce County, in the U.S. state of Washington. It is currently home to a population of over 59,600 residents and is a part of the Seattle, Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area, the largest metro area in Washington State. Though the town was founded back in 1833, it remained unincorporated for much of its life, relying on police and fire services of Pierce County as opposed to its own. As the community grew, thanks mainly to the growth of nearby Tacoma and Seattle and other communities in the Seattle metro area, residents began to want incorporation and a status as an independent city. Incorporated in 1996, Lakewood got its wish, and today the city is home to a small but diverse and growing economy and today is the second-largest city in Pierce County.

Basic Facts About Lakewood

  • Current population: 59,600
  • Current mayor: Don Anderson
  • Total area: 49.1 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Pierce County
  • Founded in: 1833
  • Zip codes: 98439, 98498, 98499
  • Area codes: 253

Auto Transport to Lakewood Tips and Tricks

Auto transport to Lakewood, Washington should not be all that hard to find. As a medium-sized community – certainly smaller than a lot of nearby cities, including Tacoma which sits just north – Lakewood doesn’t see the auto transport demand that other cities in the Puget Sound area do, but its proximity to them means that carriers can easily get into and out of the area without having to raise their prices all that much. It’s easy for carriers to run routes to and from major metro areas because that’s where the majority of their customers tend to be. By sticking close to these densely populated areas, they can easily get from one customer to the next often within the same day, which means they spend less running the route and can offer lower prices to keep their prices more competitive. Talk to an agent to learn more.

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