Car Shipping to Bowling Green, VirginiaBowling Green is a town, not a city, located in Caroline County, in the U.S. state of Virginia. It is the county seat of Caroline County, a position it has held since 1803 when it was known as New Hope. Incorporation came in 1837 along with a name change. At first the town was a small stagecoach stop along one of the first major overland routes through what was then the Colony of Virginia. Today, Bowling Green is perhaps best known for being close to Fort A.P. Hill, a major military instillation in Caroline County and one of the main economic factors in the region. It is also famous for being the site of the oldest continually-inhabited home in Virginia.

Basic Facts About Bowling Green

  • Current population: 1,100
  • Current mayor: David Storke
  • Total area: 1.6 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Caroline County
  • Founded in: 1837
  • Zip codes: 22427-22428
  • Area codes: 804

Car Shipping to Bowling Green Tips and Tricks

You probably won’t have a lot of trouble finding car shipping to Bowling Green, Virginia, and for several reasons. To start, it sits not far from Richmond, which itself is a fairly big transportation hub in the area. It also sits close to Fort A.P. Hill which means there are usually going to be some military members looking to ship to or from the town or the area in general. And it’s also relatively easy for carriers to get to and from, as it sits along a fairly busy state highway that links Richmond and the communities northeast of it with Fredericksburg, and by extension the Washington D.C. area, which means carriers have access to numerous auto shipping markets and thus providing shipping to or from Bowling Green should not take too long or cost too much in the long run.

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