Auto Shipping to Amherst, VirginiaAmherst is a town, not a city, located in Amherst County, in the U.S. state of Virginia. It sits as the county seat and is currently home to a population of over 2,200 total residents. Founded in 1807, Amherst was little more than a stagecoach stop on the Charlottesville-Lynchburg road, which at the time was a minor route linking those two cities together. The town was named after Sir Jeffrey Amherst, a hero of the American Revolution. Today, the town is slow to grow but it does have a fairly healthy economy, marked by retail, agriculture, small business, and even manufacturing – things such as plastic wrap, HVAC machinery, and is even home to a paper mill and Sweet Briar College.

Basic Facts About Amherst

  • Current population: 2,200
  • Total area: 5.0 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Amherst County
  • Founded in: 1807
  • Zip codes: 24521
  • Area codes: 434

Auto Shipping to Amherst Tips and Tricks

Perhaps the biggest problem with finding auto shipping to Amherst is the fact that it is not easily accessible to carriers from interstate highways, and it’s kind of out of the way. Though it sits within the Lynchburg, Virginia Metropolitan Statistical Area, and only sits about ten miles or so north of the anchor city of Lynchburg, carriers can’t get to the metro area without traveling state routes and surface streets. This slows them down a bit, which can increase transit times and also prices. There are fewer potential customers in a less-populated area, and Amherst is tiny as far as towns and cities go; this means that carriers are going to have to go out of their way to pick up or deliver a vehicle there. You can and should talk to your representative to learn more about auto shipping to Amherst or the Lynchburg area in general; they may be able to help you by giving you more personalized information pertaining to your route, vehicle and shipping timetables.

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