Richmond 1Richmond is a city located in Fort Bend County, Texas, with a population of over 11,600 residents; it is currently the county seat of Fort Bend County despite Sugar Land being within the county and also being quite a bit larger. A part of the larger Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan Statistical Area, also known as Greater Houston, Richmond today is a city in transition. Founded in 1822, and incorporated in 1837, Richmond began as a small farming community and was one of the first permanent settlements in the entire Houston region. Richmond sits right next to Sugar Land, one of the principal cities in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area. Richmond was governed by Mayor Hilmar Moore, who was elected mayor every two years from 1949 until his death in 2012. He is considered to be the longest-running mayor in U.S. history.

Basic Facts About Richmond

  • Current population: 11,600
  • Current mayor: Evalyn Moore
  • Total area: 3.9 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Fort Bend County
  • Founded in: 1822
  • Zip codes: 77406, 77407, 77469
  • Area codes: 281, 832

Auto Transport Tips to Richmond

Though located within Greater Houston, Richmond sits southwest of the city proper and can be more difficult for car shippers to get into and out of, depending on their route. Auto transport companies prefer to run routes along major interstates that connect major metro areas together; Richmond sits near I-69, but the interstate does not pass through the city proper. Therefore, carries have to rely on state highways, namely State Highway 36, to get into and out of Richmond. State highways are sometimes popular and sometimes not – it depends on the area, really, but more often than not an auto transport driver will want to avoid them if they can.

This generally equates to longer pickup times and possibly higher prices, depending on where your pickup or delivery outside of Richmond is located. That being said, you may be able to save some money by meeting your carrier in a more convenient location for them, such as on the outskirts of Houston proper or even in Sugar Land, which sits a bit east of Richmond. Moving your pickup or delivery location to another area in Greater Houston can make the shipment easier for your driver, which they tend to appreciate and reward with slightly lower prices or pickup/delivery windows.

You’ll want to discuss your options with a car transport expert, though, as they’re the ones that are going to be able to give you the most accurate information in regards to what routes are currently popular within the Houston metro area and can give you tips on saving time and money based on your specific shipment. If you still need to find a shipping company, don’t hesitate to fill out our free online quote form; you’ll get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you from reputable and reliable car transport companies within about an hour. You can also call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 if you have questions about our website or services, or if you need help with our free quote form or would just like some more information about shipping a vehicle.

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