North Richland Hills 1North Richland Hills is a city located in Tarrant County, Texas, and is currently the third-largest city in the county, home to a population of over 67,000 residents. North Richland Hills is much larger than Richland Hills, its southern neighbor, and was founded in the mid-19th century and was founded as part of a land grant, one of many given to help settle the areas around Dallas and Fort Worth. Over time, North Richland Hills grew in popularity and scale, attracting new residents and businesses, which in turn attracted even more new businesses and residents. Today, North Richland Hills is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical Area, also known as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Basic Facts About North Richland Hills

  • Current population: 67,000
  • Current mayor: Oscar Trevino
  • Total area: 18.2 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Tarrant County
  • Founded in: 1848
  • Zip codes: 76118, 76180, 76182
  • Area codes: 817

Auto Transport Tips to and from North Richland Hills

North Richland Hills is located just northeast of Fort Worth and just northwest of Arlington, two prominent cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical Area. This proximity to two major cities in a metro area – not to mention its location inside the metro area – really helps when it comes to auto transportation services, as auto shippers have an easier time getting into and out of cities in metro areas as opposed to more rural towns and communities. With North Richland Hills located where it is, it shouldn’t be all that difficult to find an auto transporter willing to run the route for you.

Price is going to come down to carrier availability, time of year and where you’re shipping from if you’re going into North Richland Hills. If you’re shipping on a budget, it may not be a bad idea to find an alternate delivery location to North Richland Hills, perhaps one that a carrier might be more willing to go into or out of, or one that is just plain easier for them to get to. This may not apply to North Richland Hills, so you’ll want to speak to a live agent to get all the facts.

If you need quotes to ship a vehicle to or from North Richland Hills, you can fill out our free online quote request form and get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you from reliable and reputable auto transport companies. We clear all our shippers for reliability for you, which means we make sure they’re all fully licensed, bonded, insured and in good standing with various rating companies including Transport Reviews and the Better Business Bureau.

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