Katy 1Katy is a city in the U.S. State of Texas and spans three counties, Harris, Fort Bend and Waller, despite being home to just 14,600 residents. Located in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land Metropolitan Statistical Area, also known as Greater Houston, Katy has been inhabited by American settlers since at least the early 1840’s, when the area was known as Cane Island. Hot summers, cold winters, mud and mosquitoes prevented any widespread settlement of the area until the late 19th century, and the construction of lines for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad, now a part of Union Pacific, through the area. This prompted more settlers to move to the area, and the area was officially named Katy in 1896. Though the area remained small over the course of the early 20th century, growth in nearby Houston and its metro area, as well as the construction of Interstate 10 through the town, has helped put Katy on the map and has contributed to its recent rise in population.

Basic Facts About Katy

  • Current population: 14,600
  • Current mayor: Fabol Hughes
  • Total area: 10.7 sq mi
  • Official website: http://cityofkaty.com/
  • Located in: Harris, Fort Bend, Waller counties
  • Founded in: 1896
  • Zip codes: 77400-77499
  • Area codes: 281

Auto Transport Tips to and from Katy

Located just west of Houston along I-10, Katy is in a unique position when it comes to auto transportation services. On the one hand, it’s part of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the entire United States, which is generally a good thing as it makes it more appealing to carriers. It also helps that it sits along one of the most heavily-traveled east-west interstates in the country, Interstate 10; this allows auto shippers easier access to Katy, and since it sits west of Houston many times they can pickup or deliver loads in Katy and then head either west, out of Houston and toward California, or east from California and into Houston.

On the other hand, Katy is small – at just under 15,000 residents, it won’t be winning any largest city awards any time soon. This is generally something that hurts prices and availability in the car shipping industry, since car transporters don’t really want to run routes through small-time areas. The customers are almost always located in the big cities, or can get to the big cities, and since big cities sit along the interstates that’s where they want to go. Katy’s size makes it less popular, but the facts in paragraph one should still make for an easier and cheaper shipment when compared to other, less-accessible parts of Greater Houston.

To get the most out of your shipment, you’ll want to discuss your options with an auto transport representative at an auto transportation company. The best way to go about getting a hold of one is to fill out our free online quote request form. If you do, you’ll get an instant price immediately right on your screen. American Auto Shipping is fully licensed, bonded and insured. You can also call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 if you have questions or concerns.

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