Irving 1Irving is a city located in Dallas County, Texas. Home to over 225,000 residents, Irving is the 13th largest city in the state of Texas. It is located inside the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, which is a colloquial name for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical Area as designated by the U.S. Census Bureau. Irving is a major metropolitan area in and of itself, and includes in its city limits the Las Colinas community. The Las Colinas community is one of the first master-planned developments in the United States and was, at one point, the largest in the country. The Las Colinas area is now home to several Fortune 500 Companies, including Exxon-Mobil, and is also the home of the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas.

Basic Facts About Irving

  • Current population: 225,000
  • Current mayor: Beth Van Duyne
  • Total area: 67.7 sq mi
  • Located in: Dallas County
  • Founded in: 1914 (incorporated)
  • Area codes: 214, 469, 817, 972

Auto Transport Tips to and from Irving

Irving is a major part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and sits just west of Dallas proper, making it one of Dallas’ closest bedroom cities. Irving stretches more north-south than east-west, which is nice because it means there are a number of ways into virtually every part of the city. Auto shippers prefer running routes through metro areas that are big and easily accessible, and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex – and Irving – fit both of those quite well.

This generally means that auto transportation services to and from Irving are going to be a bit cheaper than more difficult routes. Auto shippers also like the area because it is generally auto transport-friendly year round, at least in terms of inclement weather. The nice weather makes it much easier for shippers because they don’t have to worry about routes covered in snow. Unlike areas in northern Texas and the Panhandle, Irving and the Dallas metro area really don’t see much snow any time during the year.

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Local References

Irving Zip Codes Include:

75014, 75015, 75016, 75017, 75038, 75039, 75060, 75061, 75062, 75063,