Grand Prairie 1Grand Prairie is a city located in Dallas, Ellis and Tarrant counties in the U.S. State of Texas. Home to over 175,000 residents, it is the fifteenth largest city in the state of Texas and is a prominent part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical Area, also known as the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. First established as Dechman in 1863, confusion with the Post Office – stemming from their inability to differentiate an “H” from a “K” on an application officially naming the town – the name “Grand Prairie” was finally settled on, with some help from the railroad company who owned part of the property that the city currently occupies.

Basic Facts About Grand Prairie

  • Current population: 175,000
  • Current mayor: Ron Jensen
  • Total area: 81 sq mi
  • Located in: Dallas, Ellis, Tarrant counties
  • Founded in: 1863
  • Zip codes: 75050-75054
  • Area codes: 214, 469, 682, 817, 972

Auto Transport Tips to Grand Prairie

The city of Grand Prairie is situated in a north-south orientation, and is much longer than it is wide. With the cities of Arlington directly west of it, Irving directly north and Dallas directly west, Grand Prairie is centrally-located and can be a popular location for pickup and delivery within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex in general. This really helps when it comes to prices and carrier availability for shipments to or from the city itself; with other major cities located nearby, as well as several major routes to get into and out of Grand Prairie, auto shippers generally find it easy to get in and out of, and thus its popularity among carriers increases.

It really helps that both Interstate 20 and Interstate 30 run through Grand Prairie, and its western border is defined by the north-south running Highway 360, which while not a part of the interstate highway system proper does service many of the inner cities of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, making it more versatile for shippers who may not like to drive on state highways. Auto shippers like the interstates because they connect all the major cities in most states together; state routes often don’t, but many offer access to areas inaccessible via interstates. The fact that Grand Prairie is accessible via both definitely helps the cause.

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Local References

Grand Prairie Zip Codes Include:

75050, 75051, 75052, 75053, 75054