Freeport 1Freeport is a city located in Brazoria County, Texas, and is currently home to over 12,000 residents. Freeport is a small port town located southwest of Galveston and southeast of Brazoria, the county seat of Brazoria County. Freeport was founded in 1912 by the Freeport Sulphur Company; by 1939, its population had risen to over 4,100 residents. The construction of Dow Chemical Company plants in the area prompted yet more population growth, and today Dow Chemical is the largest employer in Freeport. Freeport today is growing steadily; in addition to an influx of residents, the city has annexed nearby Velasco and also Bryan Beach, which has added to its population in recent years. The annexations have also led to an economic boom in the area, and more expansion and annexation is expected in coming years.

Basic Facts About Freeport

  • Current population: 12,000
  • Current mayor: Norma Moreno Garcia
  • Total area: 17.1 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Brazoria County
  • Founded in: 1912
  • Zip codes: 77541-77542
  • Area codes: 979

Auto Transport Tips to and from Freeport

Freeport is a small coastal town in southeastern Texas, which makes it a bit more difficult to ship to than other inland cities such as Houston, or even Brazoria, to the north. At only 12,000 residents, Freeport is far from the largest city in Texas, and this doesn’t really help the cause either, considering most auto transport carriers run routes into and out of major metropolitan areas, or at least larger cities that sit along major interstates. Freeport doesn’t even have that going for it; accessible only via state highways, Freeport is not the easiest of locations for shippers to get to in the first place.

This makes transporting a vehicle to or from Freeport more expensive, and generally longer. You could try moving your pickup or delivery location out of Freeport and into an area that is easier for carriers to get to and from, such as Houston. This would require a fair drive for you, unfortunately, but if you’re shipping on a budget or if you’re pressed for time, moving your pickup or delivery to Houston, or even a city on the outskirts of the metro area, might be beneficial.

You’ll want to talk out your options with an auto transport representative, as they have the most up-to-date information on carrier availability and pricing, and can give you more concrete details about where the best areas to ship into out of, as an alternative to Freeport, might be. You should fill out our free online quote request form if you’re looking to find a shipper still; by doing so, and you’ll get an instant price immediately right on your screen. You can also call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 if you need help navigating our website, filling out our free form, or if you have more general questions about what we do or about the car shipping industry in general.

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