Crowley 1Crowley is a city located in Tarrant County, in the U.S. state of Texas, and is currently home to a population of over 12,800 residents. Crowley is a suburb of Fort Worth, located a few miles south of the larger city, and was first settled by American pioneers in the late 1840’s. The townsite was mainly agricultural, not to mention small, until the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad Company built tracks about a mile away from Crowley. As a result, the entire town was moved closer to the railroad tracks, where it sits today. Crowley remained an unincorporated community of Fort Worth until 1951, when it was incorporated as a town; it was reincorporated in 1972 as a city, the designation it has today.

Basic Facts About Crowley

  • Current population: 12,800
  • Current mayor: Billy Davis
  • Total area: 7.3 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Tarrant County
  • Founded in: 1848
  • Zip codes: 76036
  • Area codes: 817

Auto Transport Tips to Crowley

Though Crowley is a suburb of Fort Worth, which in turn is a principal city of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical Area, or the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, it is not all that popular of an auto transport location, and for several reasons. For one, its size is prohibitive; few people are moving in or out of Crowley, which means most auto shippers will prefer running a route to Fort Worth, or even nearby Burleson. Shipping to Crowley will likely be more expensive and more time consuming for this reason alone.

However, there’s also the fact that the city is not easily accessible for auto shippers, who prefer to run routes through cities along major interstates and occasionally major state highways. Burleson sits right off of I-35W, which can easily be accessed from Crowley via surface streets, but that may be difficult for auto shippers depending on the size of the streets. You may be able to save more money by shipping to Burleson or – more likely – Fort Worth, since many shippers will run routes there more readily than to Crowley.

You’ll want to discuss all the particulars with an auto transport professional, though, as they’ll have the most up-to-date information regarding where the carriers are, the routes they’re running, and what areas are popular and which ones aren’t. You can get multiple free quotes e-mailed to you by filling out our free online quote request form or by calling us at 800-930-7417 and speaking to one of our own live agents today.

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