Anthony 1Anthony is a town – not a city – located in El Paso County, Texas. Home to a population of over 5,000 residents, Anthony is a part of the El Paso Metropolitan Statistical Area, located within twenty miles of El Paso, the most western major city in the state of Texas. Anthony is the first town that Interstate 10 passes through when it enters Texas from New Mexico, which sits just north of Anthony, and the town is often considered to be in the state of New Mexico as well by people passing through. Today the town sits in the most northwestern corner of Texas’ panhandle region and was first founded in 1884.

Basic Facts About Anthony

  • Current population: 5,000
  • Current mayor: Arturo Franco
  • Total area: 6.5 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: El Paso County
  • Founded in: 1884
  • Zip codes: 79821
  • Area codes: 915

Auto Transport Tips to and from Anthony

As a small town in the Texan panhandle Anthony usually wouldn’t be considered a popular auto transport location mainly because of its size. Most of the time auto transport companies don’t want to run routes into or out of small towns, but Anthony has two things going for it in this regard: its proximity to El Paso and the interstate highway that runs right through it. El Paso is the first major city that carriers moving east along I-10 will encounter; with Anthony just a few miles north up the interstate, auto shippers can stop in Anthony to drop off loads for customers as opposed to having to meet them closer to El Paso, This can save shippers time and money – and you, too – if your vehicle just happens to be heading to Anthony from somewhere west, preferably from somewhere along I-10.

Speaking of, that really helps the cause too, since car shipping companies really like running routes along major interstates. The interstate highway system connects most every major city in the U.S. together via the interstate highway system; because of this, carriers can easily get from one area of the country to another via one simple stretch of road. They really like it when vehicles scheduled to be picked up or dropped off along the way keep them close to the interstate, and even small towns like Anthony are a lot faster and cheaper to ship to or from since they sit right along a major interstate. This should keep your prices lower and your pickup and delivery windows smaller as well.

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