Upper Moreland 1Upper Moreland is a township located in Montgomery County, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. It is currently home to a population of over 24,000 residents spread out over 7.5 square miles. Upper Moreland was originally founded back in 1682, though the township’s current boundaries were not officially settled until 1916. Upper Moreland is a part of the Delaware Valley Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is the official name for the Greater Philadelphia Area. Upper Moreland’s proximity to Philadelphia has made it a prominent residential suburb, though the township’s economy has been bringing new business to the area, thanks primarily to its location along the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Basic Facts About Upper Moreland

  • Current population: 24,000
  • Current mayor: Samuel Valenza (Township President)
  • Total area: 7.5 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.uppermoreland.org/
  • Located in: Montgomery County
  • Founded in: 1682
  • Zip codes: 19090
  • Area codes: 215

Auto Transport Tips to and from Upper Moreland

When shipping a vehicle to or from Upper Moreland you’ll likely find that prices are relatively competitive and also that they are similar to prices into and out of other areas around Philadelphia. This is due to the fact that most auto transport carriers on the road today prefer to run routes into, out of and through major metropolitan areas, often along major interstate highways or high-profile state highways. Sticking to populated areas helps keep their trucks full, as they can more easily find loads within places with lots of potential customers. While Upper Moreland isn’t all that large in terms of population, the metro area it sits in is, and that helps a lot in terms of your price and overall shipping timetables.

That said, the township is made up of numerous smaller communities, and as such there are a lot of different zip codes that make up the Township. Note that the zip code provided above is for Willow Grove, perhaps the largest community within the township; if you know you need to ship to or from Upper Moreland, it might not be a bad idea to put Philadelphia as your pickup or delivery location instead; this way, you’ll be able to get accurate quotes from top shippers without having to struggle to find the zip code of a specific, tiny area, and will likely see better prices and faster pickup times as a result.

If you’re interested in shipping your vehicle to or from Upper Moreland, or any of the small communities within the township, make sure you take a minute to fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. If you do, you’ll get multiple free quotes from some of the best vehicle shippers in the industry today; they’ll start emailing you quotes and service details within minutes of submitting our free quote form. Once you have your quotes you can compare those companies against one another to find the right shipper for your needs. If you have further questions, or need some help getting your free quotes, give us a call at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents today.

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