Emmaus 1Emmaus is a borough located in Lehigh County, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Home to a population of just under 11,300 residents, Emmaus is a suburb of Allentown and sits just five miles southwest of the third-largest city in the state. It is a part of the Lehigh Valley Metropolitan Statistical Area, home to over 800,000 residents and just 50 miles or so north of Philadelphia and about 80 miles west of New York City. Though once a minor manufacturing area, today it is mostly suburban, with a mixed economy of service and retail and education. It was listed on Money Magazine’s List of Best Places to Live in 2007. The city name is pronounced “E-May-Us.”

Basic Facts About Emmaus

  • Current population: 11,300
  • Current mayor: Winfield Lobst
  • Total area: 2.9 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.borough.emmaus.pa.us/
  • Located in: Lehigh County
  • Founded in: 1759
  • Zip codes: 18048, 18098, 18099
  • Area codes: 610, 484

Auto Transport Tips to and from Emmaus

As mentioned, Emmaus sits just five miles outside of Allentown, the third-largest city in the state and the anchor of the Lehigh Valley area, which puts it in an area that sees a pretty decent amount of auto transport traffic, all things considered. What’s great is that Emmaus is a part of a medium-sized metro area that sits on the outskirts of New York City and Philadelphia, both of which anchor two of the largest metro areas in the country. These are popular car shipping areas due to their size and ease of access, and Emmaus is right on the periphery of that; this in turn tends to lead to lower prices into and out of the city, though you may be able to get even better rates by moving your pickup or delivery out of Emmaus and into New York or Philly.

Auto shipping carriers like running routes through major cities along major interstate highways. Emmaus sits right along I-476, an auxiliary interstate and an offshoot of I-76, one that connects Allentown with Philadelphia in pretty much one straight shot. This is great for car shippers because it gives them access to numerous areas via an easy-to-access roadway. Not only that, but Emmaus connects to Allentown, and Allentown connects via I-78 to New York City, one of the biggest auto transport hubs in the country. As such, carriers should have an easier time getting into and out of the city and will keep your prices more competitive as a result.

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