Chester 1Chester is a city located in Delaware County, in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. Home to a population of over 34,000 residents, it sits in between Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware, right along Interstate 95. Chester is a city, and not to be confused with either Chester County or Chester Township, both located in Pennsylvania. As a city, Chester was first founded in 1682, and was the county seat for the original Chester County, which until 1789 was much larger than it is today; afterwards, it served as the county seat of newly-created Delaware County in 1789 and remained the county seat until 1851. Today, Chester benefits from its location between both Philadelphia and Wilmington and is known for its shipbuilding and casinos.

Basic Facts About Chester

Current population: 34,000

Current mayor: John Linder

Total area: 6.0 sq mi

Official website:

Located in: Delaware County

Founded in: 1682

Zip codes: 19013

Area codes: 484, 610

Auto Transport Tips to and from Chester

Chester sits in the heart of the Delaware Valley Metropolitan Area, also known as Greater Philadelphia, and this really helps when it comes to shipping to or from the city itself. Located between two major cities in Wilmington, DE and Philadelphia, PA, Chester may not see a lot of auto transport traffic, but that doesn’t mean that carriers aren’t moving through the city, thanks primarily to Interstate 95. Thus its location and ease of access should make Chester about as cheap to ship to and from as Philadelphia, considering how close it is and how easy it is to get into and out of.

Interstate 95 runs through the heart of Chester, which is a big advantage as it is one of the most heavily-traveled interstates in the country. The route from Florida up north into New England is one of the most popular in the industry, as it’s the primary snowbird route and they ship pretty much year-round. Florida is also one of the most popular shipping locations for a number of reasons, and as Chester is linked to the state via I-95, carriers often pass through it on their travels, which makes stopping in the city itself for the pickup or delivery of a vehicle that much easier.

If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle to or from the city of Chester, make sure to take a minute to fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. If you do, you’ll get multiple free quotes emailed to you from top auto transport companies, and you can then compare those companies against each other including the prices and services they are offering to find the right shipper for your needs. If you have questions about shipping your vehicle, or need some help getting your free quotes, make sure to give us a call at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents any time for absolutely no charge.

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