Gahanna 1Gahanna (not to be confused with the African country of Ghana) is a city located in Franklin County, in the U.S. state of Ohio. The city is currently home to a population of over 33,200 residents and is a suburb of Columbus, the capital of and largest city in Ohio. Gahanna was first founded in 1849 and its name was taken from the former name of the Big Walnut Creek. Home to just 235 residents in 1880, the village reincorporated as a city the following year and the housing and population booms of the entire Columbus area during the early-to-mid 20th century, though it did not really substantial growth until the urban flight period beginning in the 1960’s. More recently, revitalization projects have helped turn run-down sections of the city into bright, vibrant parks that are now attracting new residents.

Basic Facts About Gahanna

  • Current population: 33,200
  • Current mayor: Rebecca W. Stinchcomb
  • Total area: 12.60 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Franklin County
  • Founded in: 1849
  • Zip codes: 43230
  • Area codes: 614

Auto Transport Tips to and from Gahanna

Gahanna sits northeast of Columbus, but is still included in the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is the third-largest metro area in Ohio and currently home to over 2.3 million residents. This is good news if you’re looking to ship a vehicle to or from Gahanna, namely because of the fact that car transport companies prefer to run routes into and out of major metropolitan areas that surround major cities. With Columbus being the largest city in the state and its metro area the third-largest in Ohio, car transport companies are often running routes into and out of the entire region, which means lower prices and faster pickup, transit and delivery times throughout the year.

Gahanna sits on the eastern side of I-270, which is the main beltway interstate surrounding Columbus proper. Beltways are incredibly useful for car transport carriers who are trying to run routes into and out of major cities and metropolitan areas, namely because they allow easy access to a variety of different cities, villages, towns and census-designated places (CDP’s) that surround major cities. Beltways encircle most major cities today, and they aren’t typically “interstates” in the sense that they service multiple states (though some do). They carry the three-digit numerals instead of the standard one-or two-number designations. In this, carriers can quickly get into and out of Gahanna without having to waste a lot of time in rural areas, which typically means lower prices and faster services for you.

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