Forest Park 1Forest Park is a planned community located about 15 miles north of Cincinnati and currently is home to over 18,700 residents. Forest Park was founded in the early-mid 1950’s and was founded as a planned community as well as a sundown town. However, by the mid-1960’s, despite heavy racism in the area, African Americans began moving into the area and by the turn of the 21st century Forest Park became a minority majority city. Today it is primarily a residential area and a commuter city in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area. The city is located in Hamilton County.

Basic Facts About Forest Park

  • Current population: 18,700
  • Current mayor: Charles Johnson
  • Total area: 6.48 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Hamilton County
  • Founded in: 1954
  • Zip codes: 45240
  • Area codes: 513

Auto Transport Tips to and from Forest Park

Forest Park is a small community in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Statistical Area, located about 15 miles north of the city proper. This is good news if you are shipping to or from the city, as car transport companies often have an easier and faster time when shipping into or out of major cities or their surrounding metro areas as opposed to less-populated areas. Because of this tendency, prices into and out of densely populated areas are generally lower which means lower prices for you and faster pickup or delivery.

It really helps that Forest Park sits right along I-275, a beltway interstate highway that completely encompasses the Cincinnati metro area. By utilizing this interstate car shipping companies can get from one area around Cincinnati to another quickly and easily, which leads to faster pickup and delivery and usually lower prices. Since I-275 connects to all the major north-south and east-west interstates that service Cincinnati proper, you should be able to find a carrier more quickly and at a better price overall.

If you’re interested in shipping a vehicle into or out of Forest Park, Ohio, don’t hesitate to fill out our free online car transport quote request form. When you do, you’ll receive multiple free quotes in your email inbox from top-rated auto shipping companies – companies that we clear for dependability and reliability ahead of time, and who we also make sure are fully licensed, bonded and insured. That way you know that your quotes are coming from only the best in the business, and once you have your quotes you can compare those shippers against each other to find the right one for your needs. Questions? Concerns? Need some help getting your quotes? Talk to one of our live agents, any time, by contacting us toll-free at 800-930-7417.

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