Car Shipping to Hammonton, New JerseyHammonton is a town, not a city, located in Atlantic County, in the eastern part of the U.S. state of New Jersey. It is currently home to a population of over 14,700 residents and is a part of the Atlantic City, New Jersey Metropolitan Statistical Area. First settled in the early 19th century, Hammonton – originally known as “Hammondton,” though the “D” disappeared after its incorporation as a town in 1866 – grew as a stop between Philadelphia, to the west, and Atlantic City, to the east. Originally it sat along a spur of the Pennsylvania Railroad, though with the arrival of roads and cars it grew more into a commercial area as opposed to a rest stop for travelers. Today it is known as the “Blueberry Capital of the World” due to its large blueberry farms.

Basic Facts About Hamonton

  • Current population: 14,700
  • Current mayor: Stephen DiDonato
  • Total area: 41.4 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Atlantic County
  • Founded in: 1866 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 08037
  • Area codes: 609

Car Shipping to Hammonton Tips and Tricks

You really shouldn’t have too many issues finding car shipping to Hammonton, New Jersey, mostly because of how close it sits to Philadelphia and also Atlantic City. Auto shippers want to run routes into and out of major cities and metropolitan areas, and while Hammonton is not all that large it does sit close to two major cities, and not far from another one in New York City. This means that car transporters are already going to be in the area since there are a lot of potential customers. This means that carriers can charge less to each individual customer without sacrificing profit, which in turn means lower prices and, because of how close it sits to several major auto transport markets, faster transit times for you. You’ll want to talk to a live agent about your shipment, of course, as there may be factors involved in car shipping to Hammonton that we may not know about, but on the whole you shouldn’t have too many difficulties finding someone to help you get a vehicle to or from the town.

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