Car Transport to Indian Trail, NCIndian Trail is a city located in Union County, in the U.S. state of North Carolina. Currently home to a population of over 33,500 residents, spread out over 15 square miles, Indian Trail is a smaller part of the Charlotte Metropolitan Statistical Area and sits about ten miles or so southeast of Charlotte, making it a fairly close suburb of the city. Indian Trail was founded in 1861 and was a crucial stop on a trail that led from Petersburg, Virginia to the Waxhaw Indians living in North Carolina. A trading post to start, gold was discovered near Indian Trail which brought prospectors from the north. Over time, the city slowly grew, though since 2,000 the population has exploded thanks to the suburban housing boom and economic growth (prior to the 2008 recession).

Basic Facts About Indian Trail

  • Current population: 33,500
  • Current mayor: Joseph A. Fivas (town manager)
  • Total area: 15.2 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Union County
  • Founded in: 1861
  • Zip codes: 28079
  • Area codes: 704

Car Transport to Indian Trail Tips and Tricks

Indian Trail sits about ten miles southeast of Charlotte, which makes it a lot easier to ship a vehicle to or from as auto shippers like to run routes into and out of major cities and metropolitan areas. This is mainly because carriers want to run routes into and out of areas that they can load or unload multiple vehicles in, and large cities often have multiple people moving vehicle into or out of it. This is known as coloading, and is a tactic that carriers use to lower their operating costs. By keeping their operating costs lower, they can pass savings onto customers – this allows them to keep their prices more competitive and thus their trucks full. Auto shippers want to avoid deadhead – this is open space on their trucks, which is another reason why Indian Trail will often be cheaper to ship to or from.

Another part of your overall price is ease of access. Charlotte enjoys a pretty high ease of access because it’s a major city, and many of the smaller suburbs and towns that surround it enjoy that same ease of access. Indian Trail is no exception; the city sits southeast of Charlotte, yes, but it’s only 10-15 miles away depending on where in the city you’re shipping and is easily accessible via I-485, which is the main beltway interstate that encircles Charlotte and some of its metro area and provides access to a number of different communities. This makes car transport to Indian Trail cheaper and faster for carriers and thus better for you.

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