Car Transport to Harrisburg, North CarolinaHarrisburg is a town located in Cabarrus County, in the U.S. state of North Carolina. It is currently home to a population of over 14,100 residents, and is a part of the Charlotte, North Carolina Metropolitan Statistical Area. When the area was first settled it was mainly an agricultural community that grew slowly. Once the railroad was built through the area, more residents came to the town, bringing with them new business and shops, which helped Harrisburg grow as a town. Today, growth is helped by further improvements to the light rail system that services the Charlotte metro area, focus on promoting Harrisburg as a “getaway” from the hustle and bustle of Charlotte and a strong sense of community activism in the area.

Basic Facts About Harrisburg

  • Current population: 14,100
  • Current mayor: Steve Sciascia
  • Total area: 9.0 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Cabarrus County
  • Founded in: 1732
  • Zip codes: 28075
  • Area codes: 704, 980

Car Transport to Harrisburg Tips and Tricks

As mentioned, Harrisburg is a part of the Charlotte metro area, which is the largest metropolitan area in the state of North Carolina. This actually makes car transport to Harrisburg easier to find due to the fact that car transporters can easily get from one part of the metro area to another to provide services to multiple customers. This helps carriers keep their operating costs more affordable, as they can consolidate loads within major cities and their surrounding metro areas. By keeping their operating costs lower, auto shippers can keep prices they charge their customers lower as well, which actually helps them keep in business since the industry is so competitive and price-driven.

The Charlotte metro area is accessible via several different interstate highways, which helps car shippers get to and from the area quickly and easily. Ease of access is important when it comes to finding affordable auto transport services, as carriers can make more money by spending less time driving between pickup and delivery locations. While interstates such as I-77 and I-85 provide access to Charlotte, it’s the beltway that surrounds the city that lets them get around its metro area and to or from Harrisburg. On the whole, easy access to the town will help with prices for car transport to Harrisburg, which is always good for you.

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