Car Transport to Davidson, North CarolinaDavidson is a town located in Mecklenburg County, in the U.S. state of North Carolina. Founded in 1837, Davidson was your typical railroad town in North Carolina, and quickly emerged as a shipping point on Lake Norman as well as an agricultural and textile area. During the 19th century, textile mills were all the rage, as well as Davidson College, which is located in the town. Today, Davidson is perhaps better known for being a tourist location on Lake Norman, and is well-known in the region for being a good travel destination and a popular lakeside resort. Textiles have taken a backseat, economically, though the growth of Charlotte Metropolitan Area – which Davidson sits within – has helped the city’s economy, and tax base, grow.

Basic Facts About Davidson

  • Current population: 12,000
  • Current mayor: John Woods
  • Total area: 5.1 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Mecklenburg County
  • Founded in: 1837
  • Zip codes: 28035, 28036
  • Area codes; 704, 980

Car Transport to Davidson Tips and Tricks

As mentioned, Davidson is a part of the Charlotte, North Carolina Metropolitan Statistical Area, the largest metro area in North Carolina. This is good news if you are trying to ship a vehicle to or from Davidson, as it means auto shippers tend to have an easier time getting to and from the town as a result of its proximity to Charlotte. Auto shippers want to plan routes that take them through major cities, as that’s where the largest customer bases tend to be; by sticking to heavily populated areas, transporters can service more customers in a single area, decreasing their transit time from customer to customer and thereby saving them money on operating costs. This in turn makes your shipment cheaper, as they can charge their customers less while still making a good amount of money.

Davidson sits right along Interstate 77, which isn’t a major highway in the Interstate Highway System but is frequently used by carriers to service multiple areas in the Charlotte region and the state of North Carolina in general. Ease of access is important when it comes to finding cost-effective and timely auto transport services, and a big reason why car transport to Davidson is more affordable than other, more rural areas is because of the interstate. If you are a student and you are going back to Davidson College, you could probably qualify for a student discount; make sure to talk to an agent about it to learn more about student discounts and about car transport to Davidson in general.

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