Auto Transport to Kings Mountain, NCKings Mountain is a city located primarily in Cleveland County, North Carolina, with portions extending into nearby Gaston County. Founded sometime in the early 19th century, Kings Mountain was first known as White Plains, but was renamed following incorporation as a city in 1874. Growth came from mining in the nearby areas, notably the mountain ranges that surround the region. Over time, Kings Mountain has grown into a small but stable community of the Charlotte Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is the largest metro area in North Carolina and anchored by Charlotte, the largest city in the state.

Basic Facts About Kings Mountain

  • Current population: 10,300
  • Current mayor: Marilyn H. Sellers (city manager)
  • Total area: 12.6 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Cleveland County
  • Founded in: 1874 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 28086
  • Area codes: 704

Auto Transport to Kings Mountain Tips and Tricks

Kings Mountain is not the most popular vehicle shipping location in North Carolina – or, even within the Charlotte metro area – but it is a part of a metropolitan region and as such tends to see more auto transportation traffic as a result. This is good news for you; most of the time, auto shippers that are running routes into and out of Charlotte can also service Kings Mountain, which only sits 20-25 miles west of the largest city in the state. It likely won’t cost much more than shipping to Charlotte either, though you will want to verify that you can’t get a better deal by moving your pickup or delivery location out of Kings Mountain and closer to Charlotte.

This probably won’t be necessary, as Kings Mountain sits right along Interstate 85, the main north-south highway that services the Charlotte metro area. I-85 is great because it runs all the way southwest to Atlanta, Georgia, one of the largest auto transportation markets in the southern United States; this route gives carriers an easy way to get from Georgia to South Carolina and connects to several major cities along the way, thus helping them keep their trucks full and on the road. Again, you’ll want to discuss the particulars about auto transport to Kings Mountain with your agent, as they can explain more about what you can expect and help you make your experience the best it can be.

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