Car Transport to Grand Ledge, MichiganGrand Ledge is a city located primarily within Eaton County, in the U.S. state of Michigan. Portions of the city extend into neighboring Clinton County. It is currently home to a population of just under 8,000 total residents, and is a part of the Lansing, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area, a metro area anchored by Lansing, one of the largest cities in the state – though it pales in comparison to Detroit, of course. Grand Ledge was founded back in the late 1840’s and a post office was established in the area in 1850, when it was named. Grand Ledge grew into a popular resort destination for residents in Michigan, and while it is not as popular as it once was it is still based heavily on tourism and draws much of its revenue from tourism, local retail and taxes.

Basic Facts About Grand Ledge

  • Current population: 8,000
  • Current mayor: Kalmin Smith
  • Total area: 3.65 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Eaton, Clinton counties
  • Founded in: 1850
  • Zip codes: 48837
  • Area codes: 517

Car Transport to Grand Ledge Tips and Tricks

When you’re shipping to Grand Ledge, you’re going to come across a few things that put it at a disadvantage in terms of price and pickup time. Auto shippers want to run routes into and out of major cities and metropolitan areas because that’s where all the customers are – and that’s the most important thing for a carrier. Small towns tend to be more expensive to ship into and out of because it costs carriers more to run a long route for only a customer or two, as opposed to a long route with literally dozens of loads they can book. Grand Ledge sits maybe ten miles or so west of Lansing, which really helps the cause as it’s close enough to allow carriers to go there without having to spend more money on fuel – or only a little more, which is always good.

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