Car Shipping to Southfield, MichiganSouthfield is a city located in Oakland County, in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is home to over 72,500 residents and is a part of the Detroit, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area, the largest urban agglomeration in the state. Though settlement of the area dates back to the early 1820’s, it would not be formally organized until 1830, and would not be incorporated as an independent city until 1958. Southfield, like many cities in the Detroit metro area, saw growth alongside Detroit, notably when the automotive industry was booming. As Detroit began to decline, residents began to move to Southfield, increasing its population; over time, Southfield became one of the more prominent suburbs of Detroit, a status that it continues to enjoy today, and this makes car shipping to Southfield much easier to find and afford.

Basic Facts About Southfield

  • Current population: 72,500
  • Current mayor: Donald F. Fracassi
  • Total area: 26.28 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Oakland County
  • Founded in: 1830
  • Zip codes: 48000-48099
  • Area codes: 248

Car Shipping to Southfield Tips and Tricks

As mentioned, Southfield is a prominent suburb of Detroit. This means that it’s a fairly popular area to ship a vehicle from and to both for customers and for carriers. Auto shippers like routes that take them through major cities and their surrounding suburbs, and while Detroit is still in the midst of an economic recovery, it’s also a popular shipping location simply due to its size. Carriers can easily get from one part of the Detroit area to another and can service multiple cities in a single day, which means lower prices for customers due to lower operating costs for the carrier. Not only that, but Detroit sits right along I-75, and Southfield sits on the Beltway that surrounds Detroit, meaning that carriers can easily get to and from the area via high-traffic roads, thus lowering their operating costs.

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