Auto Shipping to Norton Shores, MichiganNorton Shores is a city located in Muskegon County, in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is currently home to a population of over 23,800 total residents and is a part of the Grand Rapids, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area. Organized as a township in 1845, though would not be incorporated as a city until 1968, during a wave of incorporation across Michigan. Norton Shores saw its first industrial building, a mill, built in 1850, and the city grew into a minor milling town during this time. Over time, it grew into primarily a commuter city of Grand Rapids and Muskegon, which sit east and north of the city, respectively.

Basic Facts About Norton Shores

  • Current population: 23,800
  • Current mayor: Gary Nelund
  • Total area: 24.62 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Muskegon County
  • Founded in: 1845
  • Zip codes: 49441
  • Area codes: 231

Auto Shipping to Norton Shores Tips and Tricks

As a part of the Grand Rapids, Michigan Metropolitan Statistical Area, Norton Shores should be about as expensive as Grand Rapids to ship to or from, though it sits a bit west of the anchor city, which can make it a bit more expensive. Auto shipping carriers like to stick close to major metro areas when building and running their planned routes; this keeps their operating costs lower and helps them to lower their transit times as well, which helps keep prices lower for their customers and thus keeps their trucks fuller for longer. It may cost more to run to Norton Shores, so some carriers may ask you to move your pickup or delivery location to Grand Rapids or another part of the metro area, if only to save themselves – and you – some time and money.

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