Auto Transport to Beech Grove, IndianaBeech Grove is a city located in Marion County, in the U.S. state of Indiana. It’s home to over 14,300 residents, and is a part of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Statistical Area. This makes it easier to find auto transport to Beech Grove considering carriers like running routes to and from big cities and their bedroom cities. What’s interesting about Beech Grove is that it’s what’s known as an “excluded city.” In other words, it’s completely surrounded by Indianapolis, and yet it is its own city. It is one of the few in the U.S., as a matter of fact.

Basic Facts About Beech Grove

  • Current population: 14,300
  • Current mayor: Dennis Buckley
  • Total area: 4.39 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Marion County
  • Founded in: 1906
  • Zip codes: 46107
  • Area codes: 317

Auto Transport to Beech Grove Tips and Tricks

So we’ve established that Beech Grove is entirely surrounded by Indianapolis. Because of this, it’s usually easy to find auto transport to Beech Grove. It’s Indianapolis! It’s literally surrounded by the city. So most carriers have absolutely zero problems with running routes through the city considering they’re already there if they’re going to Indy. It also really helps that Beech Grove sits right along I-465, a beltway highway that completely encircles the Indianapolis metro area. Carriers use the beltway to get to and from various bedroom communities around the city. This makes transit times faster and also helps them keep their overhead costs like fuel lower. In turn, they pass savings on to customers, like you, to maintain a competitive edge.

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