Oak Park 1Oak Park is a village located in Oak Park Township, Cook County, Illinois. Though the area has been inhabited by American settlers since the late 1830’s, Oak Park was a part of nearby Cicero until 1902, when a referendum allowed residents of Oak Park to split and become their own village. Like many municipalities within the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area, Oak Park is a village, though it functions basically the same as a city for all intents and purposes. Oak Park is known for its architectural styles and the village attracts architects from around the globe; renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed a number of homes in Oak Park, some of which are available to tour today.

Basic Facts About Oak Park

  • Current population: 51,900
  • Current mayor: Anan Abu-Taleb (president)
  • Total area: 4.70 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.oak-park.us/
  • Located in: Cook County
  • Founded in: 1902
  • Zip codes: 60301-60304
  • Area codes: 708

Auto Transport Tips to Oak Park

As a major suburb of Chicago, it’s not surprising that Oak Park is a popular auto transport location among customers, but it is also a popular location among carriers as well. Oak Park sits less than ten miles away from downtown Chicago, making it an integral part of the Greater Chicago Area. Though it is only home to about 52,000 total residents, the fact that it is surrounded by literally millions of people on every side really helps keep it among the more popular areas of Illinois to ship to or from. Then again, there may be other areas in the Chicago metro area that might be cheaper to ship to or from by making it easier on the shipper that’s moving your vehicle.

Of course, this depends on the route that they are taking into or out of the Chicago metro area and Oak Park. Perhaps the most heavily traveled road in Oak Park is I-290, a smaller auxiliary interstate that connects I-90 in downtown Chicago with I-88, I-294 and, a bit further northwest, I-355. Though most of these, spare I-90, are auxiliary interstates, they provide carriers access to a bevy of different areas that they can find customers in. From there, they can easily get to other customers in the area, providing them more customers and allowing them to fill their trucks before heading out. This keeps your prices lower and, more often than not, helps keep your pickup and delivery windows shorter as well.

You’ll want to discuss your shipping options into or out of Oak Park with an auto transport professional, however, and there are several ways to do this. You should take a minute to fill out our free online auto transportation quote form – if you do, you’ll get multiple quotes emailed to you from top-rated shipping companies with total prices for door to door service as well as contact information to discuss your shipment with one of their representatives. You can also call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our own live agents, who can answer questions, give advice and information about your shipment, and help you get your free quotes from top-rated, licensed, insured and bonded carriers today.

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