Mount Prospect 1Mount Prospect is a village located in Cook County, in the U.S. state of Illinois. Home to a population of over 54,000 residents, Mount Prospect is a larger village in the Chicago metro area, and the village is located about 20 miles or so northwest of downtown Chicago, which really helps its auto transport popularity. It is home to some of the top nationally ranked high schools in the United States, which makes it a popular shipping location for families with children who want their kids to go to great schools. As a village, it is one of the larger ones in the state of Illinois (which seems to be chock-full of them), but it is still considered a small town and as such much of the same tendencies that small towns have are captured in the day-to-day of Mount Prospect as well.

Basic Facts About Mount Prospect

  • Current population: 54,100
  • Current mayor: Irvana K. Wilks
  • Total area: 10.37 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Cook County
  • Founded in: 1917 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 60056-60058
  • Area codes: 847

Auto Transport to and from Mount Prospect

As one of the largest villages in the Chicago metro area, it’s not surprising that Mount Prospect is a popular shipping area for customers. With good schools, a great vibe and a small-town atmosphere in the midst of incredible expansion and growth over the past twenty years, in both jobs and population, Mount Prospect is turning into an area where people are wanting to live and raise their families. This has led to more demand for auto transport services into and out of Mount Prospect, which in turn has led to prices going down and carrier availability going up: more customers demanding services means more carriers to meet that demand, especially into and out of an area that’s so close to Chicago – the third-largest city in the country and one of the country’s most popular auto transport locations.

It helps that, on the whole, getting into and out of the village is not incredibly difficult, and the size of the village is not so big that getting across it is going to take a lot of time; this, in turn, usually means cheaper auto transport services and faster pickup windows when shipping to or from Mount Prospect. I-90 runs just south of the village, and while Mount Prospect is serviced within its borders by state highways and surface streets, auto shippers will be willing to run along those if they’re large enough for them to utilize to get to or from a customer. Mount Prospect also sits within an area surrounded by major suburbs of Chicago, which also makes the area more popular carriers – meaning lower prices and faster services more often than not.

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