Metamora 1Metamora is a small village in Woodford County, in the U.S. state of Illinois. Home to a population of just over 3,600 total residents, Metamora is not very large, and is one of several small towns and villages that dot the land around Peoria. It is a part of the Peoria Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is currently home to over 380,000 residents spread across several counties. Metamora was founded as Hanover in 1836, though it went through several name changes including Black Partridge and Partridge Point, before the name was settled in 1845 and the village was incorporated. Metamora is perhaps most famous for being where former President Abraham Lincoln and former Vice President Adlai Stevenson practiced law for a time (though not together, as their lives are separated by close to a century).

Basic Facts About Metamora

  • Current population: 3,600
  • Current mayor: Ken Maurer (village president)
  • Total area: 2.2 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Woodford County
  • Founded in: 1836
  • Zip codes: 61548
  • Area codes: 309

Auto Transport Tips to and from Metamora

Metamora is located 10-20 miles northeast of Peoria, and while it is firmly located in the Peoria Metropolitan Statistical Area, it is not all that large nor is it really all that close to Peoria, at least in terms of ease of access. Since auto transport carriers prefer to run routes into and out of major cities surrounded by lots of bedroom cities and suburban communities, as that’s where the customers are, they don’t really want to go into or out of Metamora since there’s a distinct lack of demand into or out of the area during most times of the year.

That’s nothing to do with you, but rather the size and location of Peoria, the anchor of the metro area Metamora is located within. At just over 380,000 total residents, the Peoria metro area won’t be winning any awards for population size, and its location in central Illinois puts it pretty much in the middle of nowhere, unfortunately. That said, carriers do have ways to get around the area, but if they’re heading up to Metamora it means they’re stuck taking state highways and surface streets, which take more time than normal interstate highways and also take them off their established route through the area. This in turn tends to lead to increased prices as well as longer wait times for pickup, transport and delivery.

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