Machesney Park 1Machesney Park is a city located in Winnebago County, in the U.S. state of Illinois. Home to a population of just under 23,500 residents, it is a part of the Rockford Metropolitan Statistical Area, home to over 348,000 residents. Though the area that is now Machesney Park has been continually inhabited by American settlers since at least the early 19th century, the area did not see substantial growth of any kind until right around World War II. The area was home to an airfield that saw extensive use by the U.S. Army Air Corps during the war, and afterwards what was to become Machesney Park saw a big influx of new residents and, in turn, commercial ventures, leading to the eventual incorporation of the area as a village in 1981.

Basic Facts About Machesney Park

  • Current population: 23,500
  • Current mayor: Jerry D. Bolin
  • Total area: 13.0 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Winnebago County
  • Founded in: 1981 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 61103, 61111, 61115

Auto Transport Tips to Machesney Park

The village of Machesney Park is fairly large – not as big as others in the state, perhaps, but at 23,500 residents it’s a decent-sized village. Located just north of Rockford, Machesney Park won’t be winning any largest village contests, but in terms of auto transport popularity there are plenty of areas across the country that are further down the list than Machesney Park. This has a lot to do with its proximity to Rockford; though it is not the largest city in the state of Illinois, Rockford is in the top-five, which makes it much more popular of an area than people may think. Auto transport companies can easily move around a metro area surrounding a large city, and as Machesney Park sits just a few miles north, it’s not hard at all for them to make a quick stop.

That said, access to Machesney Park is achieved either through surface streets and state highways or else via I-90, which only serves the northeast corner of the village. Access is important when determining just how popular a city or region is to ship a vehicle to or from. Rockford sits about 80 miles west of Chicago, which means Machesney Park does as well. This in turn bodes well for shipping services into or out of Machesney Park or Rockford, as it’s barely more than an hour or two to get from one to the other, and many carriers can quickly run a route from Rockford to Chicago without breaking the bank at all. This makes it easier and faster for customers to find carriers and for carriers to offer lower, more competitive rates along major routes.

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