Evanston 1Evanston is a city located in Cook County, in the U.S. state of Illinois. Home to a population of over 74,000, Evanston is a major suburb of Chicago, which sits directly to the south, and is located about 12 miles from downtown Chicago. Evanston is a college town, home to Northwestern University, which has a major impact on its population as well as your transportation prices. Located so close to Chicago, finding a carrier to get to or from Evanston shouldn’t be too difficult, and with the University located in the heart of the city auto transportation companies often give discounts to students who are shipping to the city for education-related reasons.

Basic Facts About Evanston

  • Current population: 75,400
  • Current mayor: Elizabeth Tisdahl
  • Total area: 7.8 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.cityofevanston.org/
  • Located in: Cook County
  • Founded in: 1872 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 60201-60204, 60208, 60209
  • Area codes: 224, 847

Auto Transport Tips to Evanston

Evanston sits within the Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area, one of the largest metro areas in the country anchored by the nation’s third-largest city by population. This is really helpful, as its proximity makes it an easy area for auto transport carriers to get to and from without having to go out of their way all that much. At just 12 miles from downtown Chicago, it’s accessible to any carrier running a route into the Chicago area, and there are almost always going to be carriers willing to run routes to the Chicago area. Evanston, as a college town, sees quite a bit of auto transport traffic thanks to students going to or from the University, and oftentimes this helps customers save money, particularly students.

Chicago is connected to the rest of the U.S. by a number of different primary and auxiliary interstates, not to mention other forms of transportation including railroads, seaports and airports. But for auto transport purposes we’re going to talk about the main way auto shippers get into and out of Evanston and the rest of the Chicago area: the Interstate Highway System. Evanston sits just east of I-94, which is the main interstate carriers use to get to areas north of Chicago, particularly Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They probably don’t like running that route all that often, though, so you may end up saving a bit of time and money if you can move your shipment out of Evanston and meet the carrier somewhere closer to the route they want to run. Making them travel less usually saves you time and money, which is always good.

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