East Peoria 1East Peoria is a city located in Tazewell County, in the U.S. state of Illinois. Home to a population of 23,400 residents, East Peoria sits on the east side of the Illinois River, directly across from downtown Peoria. East Peoria is known for its long affiliation with Caterpillar, Inc, makers of construction equipment and more, and is in fact a major manufacturing area as well as a minor educational area – it is the home of Illinois Central College, a community college in East Peoria. East Peoria has seen extensive redevelopment of its downtown core which, in conjunction with upgrades to I-74, which runs through the city, has led to a revitalization of the city and renewed interest in its growth and expansion.

Basic Facts About East Peoria

  • Current population: 23,400
  • Current mayor: Dave Mingus
  • Total area: 22.14 sq mi
  • Official website: http://www.cityofeastpeoria.com/
  • Located in: Tazewell County
  • Founded in: 1889 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 61611
  • Area codes: 309

Auto Transport Tips to and from East Peoria

Recent economic development and downtown redevelopment has slowly begun to transform East Peoria into a modern American city, which bodes well when shipping a vehicle to or from the city. East Peoria is hardly a large city, but it sits just east of Peoria, which is a popular shipping location in central Illinois. Auto transport companies prefer to run routes into and out of major metropolitan areas with high populations, as there are more people in those areas and thus it is generally easier for them to keep their trucks full of cars while still being able to pickup and deliver quickly. Bigger cities tend to be cheaper to ship to and from than others, and while East Peoria is not big in and of itself it does sit just east of Peoria, home to over 115,000 and anchoring a pretty decent-sized metro area. Plus, it’s fairly close to Chicago, which helps keep your prices lower as well.

The only interstate that runs through East Peoria is I-74, which connects to I-88 east of Davenport, Iowa, to the north of East Peoria, as well as I-55 near Bloomington and I-57 near Champaign. This gives auto transport companies a lot of options when building routes that will include East Peoria, and this is crucial to keeping prices competitive and pickup times quicker. While East Peoria, and the Peoria metro area in general, are not incredibly popular among customers or carriers, so many ways to get to I-74 and the route that the interstate runs makes it a lot easier on carriers, which is only a positive for you. You’ll want to discuss your shipping options with a live agent, of course, but you shouldn’t see too many problems when shipping into or out of East Peoria.

If you’re interested in getting quotes to ship to or from East Peoria or Peoria proper, you can fill out our free online auto transport quote request form to get multiple estimates and quotes emailed to you from top-rated auto transportation companies. We clear all our shippers for reliability for you, and that means making sure they are all fully licensed, bonded, insured and five-star rated. Once you get your quotes you can rest easy knowing they come from the best in the business, and you can compare prices and services of those different shippers from the comfort of your computer or phone. If you have further questions, or need some help getting your free quotes, give us a call at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents, who can answer questions, give sound advice about shipping a vehicle and also help you get your free quotes today.

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