Bartonville 1Bartonville is a village located in Peoria County, in the U.S. state of Illinois. Home to a population of just over 6,300 residents, it is a small but aspiring village in the Peoria metropolitan area. Bartonville is perhaps best known for its proximity to the 182nd Airlift Wing and the Peoria State Hospital, both of which are located either near or within Bartonville proper. It is also located just south of the Peoria International Airport, a medium-sized airport servicing much of central Illinois.

Basic Facts About Bartonville

  • Current population: 6,300
  • Current mayor: Jim Ardis
  • Total area: 8.61 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Peoria County
  • Founded in: 1879
  • Zip codes: 61607
  • Area codes: 309

Auto Transport Tips to and from Bartonville

Bartonville sits just south of Peoria, one of the larger cities in Illinois and the anchor of the Peoria Metropolitan Statistical Area, a smaller but still prominent metro area in central Illinois. At the same time, how this affects your shipment can vary depending on where you’re shipping from (or to, if heading out of Bartonville) as well as how many carriers are willing to run the route. The size of a metro area has an immediate impact on its popularity in the car shipping industry, and this leads to some areas being cheaper for customers due to higher competition among carriers along the route.

Bartonville sits along an auxiliary highway of Interstate 74, called I-474, which runs south of Peoria and through towns and villages like Bartonville and Marquette Heights. It allows motorists access to areas like Bartonville, and when shipping to or from the village this ease of access is great news for you because it usually means lower prices on the whole. Car shippers don’t like deviating from their established routes unless they have enough incentive to do so – this means higher prices for shipping off the beaten path. Fortunately, “off the beaten path” in this instance means “a detour of only a few miles that’ll take only a few hours out of the day and barely hurt the gas tank,” which usually means lower prices and higher carrier availability.

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