Car Transport to Grovetown, GAGrovetown is a city in Columbia County, in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is currently home to a population of just over 12,300 total residents, and sits within the Augusta, Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area. Grovetown was first established following the construction of rail lines connecting Augusta with Atlanta, to the west. Grovetown today is a small commercial and residential hub on the outskirts of Augusta. Interestingly enough, it was the home of the first museum in Columbia County, which was authorized in 1997 for construction. It was originally not included in the city’s budget, which resulted in the mayor lobbying the state for a grant to build it, which was given to him after extensive work and wading through red tape, as it were. At first the museum was staffed with nothing but volunteers; today, however, it is a part of the city’s annual budget and has paid workers servicing it.

Basic Facts About Grovetown

  • Current population: 12,300
  • Current mayor: George W. James III
  • Total area: 4.83 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Columbia County
  • Founded in: 1881 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 30813
  • Area codes: 706

Car Transport to Grovetown Tips and Tricks

Car transport to Grovetown is made a lot easier by the fact that it sits within the Augusta, Georgia metropolitan area. Located about 20 miles west of Augusta proper, Grovetown is just another stop along one of the major routes into the city, I-20. Augusta is one of the largest cities by population in the state of Georgia, which makes it a more popular auto transport location for carriers and customers alike. With Grovetown sitting along the most heavily-traveled east-west route into Augusta, it’s no problem for carriers to stop in the city and pickup or drop off a vehicle for a customer. This results in lower prices and faster service, even though Grovetown itself is rather small.

As mentioned, Grovetown sits along Interstate 20, which is the main route into Augusta. It doesn’t sit directly along the interstate, though, but rather about a mile south and accessible via local access roads off the interstate. On the whole this won’t affect your shipment all that much; it’s easy enough for a carrier to drive an extra mile or two to pickup or deliver a vehicle, and you can also agree to meet the drive right along the interstate, or on an exit right off of it. On the whole its proximity to a major interstate as well as a fairly large city in Georgia makes car transport to Grovetown a lot easier to find and a lot more affordable as well.

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