Auto Shipping to Port Wentworth, GAPort Wentworth is a city located in Chatham County, in the U.S. state of Georgia. It is currently home to a population of over 7,000 residents, at least according to recent U.S. Census Bureau estimates, and is a part of the Savannah, Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area, one of the largest metro areas in the state. Port Wentworth has been settled since 1733, making it one of the oldest settlements in Georgia – the colony was only officially established a year before. Growth, obviously, was slow, though since the 1990’s the city has seen substantial growth, notably thanks to the housing and real estate booms during the early 2000’s.

Basic Facts About Port Wentworth

  • Current population: 7,000
  • Current mayor: Glenn Jones
  • Total area: 16.6 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Chatham County
  • Founded in: 1733
  • Zip codes: 31407
  • Area codes: 912

Auto Shipping to Port Wentworth Tips and Tricks

Port Wentworth is quite small as far as cities are concerned. Small cities are not typically popular auto transport locations, but auto shipping to Port Wentworth is actually made easier because it sits so close to Savannah, one of Georgia’s major port cities and a popular vehicle transportation location for a variety of reasons. Proximity to a major city can help a small city get on the map when it comes to shipping a vehicle to or from it, since carriers can quickly go through that smaller city on their way into – or out of – that larger city that it sits close to. This applies to Port Wentworth as well; carriers can quickly get into and out of the city on their way to or from Savannah, and you may be able to save some time or money by working with your carrier and moving your pickup or delivery location somewhere more easily accessible.

Part of the reason why is that it is easily accessible via several major interstates, albeit some through more roundabout ways than others. The main interstate highway that runs through the Savannah metro area is I-95, which is great because that interstate is one of the most heavily-traveled in the entire country. It also connects to Atlanta via I-16. Port Wentworth is accessible only by state highways, notably highway 405, which connects to both I-95 and I-16. This gives carriers an easy way into and out of Port Wentworth while still being able to get to and from other parts of the Savannah metro area as well, which helps make your auto shipping to Port Wentworth costs and timetables a bit lower and shorter, respectively.

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