Auto Shipping to Harlem, GAHarlem is a city in Columbia County, in the U.S. state of Georgia – not to be confused with Harlem, New York. Harlem, Georgia is currently home to a population of over 2,600 residents, and is a part of the Augusta, Georgia Metropolitan Statistical Area. Harlem was first established as early as 1835 when the Georgia Railroad was built through the area. It became a rather important lumber town in the area, and by 1840 it had gained the name “Saw Dust.” Harlem was named after Harlem, New York, and was first renamed in 1870. Over time, Harlem became a summer getaway for the rich in Augusta, and today the city is a minor tourist destination for fans of Oliver Hardy, a part of the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, who was born in Harlem in 1892.

Basic Facts About Harlem

  • Current population: 2,600
  • Current mayor: Robert W. Culpepper
  • Total area: 4.54 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Columbia County
  • Founded in: 1840
  • Zip codes: 30814
  • Area codes: 706

Auto Shipping to Harlem Tips and Tricks

Located 15-20 miles west of Augusta proper, perhaps a bit more, Harlem is a minor part of the Augusta Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is one of the largest in the state of Georgia. On the whole its proximity to the city helps in finding affordable auto shipping to Harlem, as car transport companies are going to be more willing to run routes to and from bedroom communities of larger cities. It’s because they’re already running routes into and out of that metro area anchor city (in Harlem’s case, Augusta), since that’s where the customers are; for cities that surround it, the price should be close to how much it would be to ship to Augusta.

The main interstate highway that runs through the Augusta metro area is I-20, a major east-west interstate that services some of the largest cities in the American South. This is great news for you, as it helps keep prices more competitive and pickup, transit and delivery times shorter as well. At the same time, Harlem doesn’t sit directly along I-20; rather, it’s accessible by local access roads and state highways, which won’t affect your price all that much considering it’s only a mile or two off the interstate. At the same time, you may be able to find a carrier more quickly by moving your pickup or delivery location to Augusta, or at the very least closer to the interstate – talk to your agent for more information.

If you’re looking for prices for auto shipping to Harlem, we recommend you take a minute and fill out our free online auto transport quote request form. It takes only a minute and you’ll get an instant price immediately right on your screen. if you have questions about our services you can also contact one of our own live agents any time at 800-930-7417.

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