St. Augustine 1St. Augustine is the county seat of and a city located in St. Johns County, in northeastern Florida, and while technically it is located in the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area it sits rather south of it, fairly removed. Home to just 13,000 residents, St. Augustine ironically is the oldest continually-occupied European settlement in the continental United States. The city is located in the First Coast region of Florida, which is one of the oldest continually settled regions in the country. St. Augustine was founded by the Spanish in 1565 and actually served as the capital of Spanish Florida for close to two hundred years, and was the capital of the Florida Territory until it was moved to Tallahassee in 1824. St. Augustine today is a popular tourist destination as well as a fairly popular snowbird destination, where people living in the northern areas during the spring and summer will move to various cities in Florida, including St. Augustine, during the fall and winter to take advantage of the more mild climate in the south.

Basic Facts About St. Augustine

  • Current population: 13,000
  • Current mayor: Joseph L. Boles
  • Total area: 12.7 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: St. Johns County
  • Founded in: 1565
  • Zip codes: 32080, 32082, 32084-32086, 32092, 32095
  • Area codes: 904

Helpful Auto Transport Tips to St. Augustine

The city of St. Augustine is small both in terms of population and total area, and this really doesn’t help the cause when it comes to transporting a vehicle to or from the area. Carriers prefer to run routes to and from major metropolitan areas, so if you’re shipping to St. Augustine and you’re doing so on a budget, changing your delivery location to a city such as Jacksonville, or one of its immediate bedroom cities, can probably save you some money. This does depend on the shipping company, of course, as they all charge different prices to different cities, so make sure to talk to someone about it before making any final decisions.

St. Augustine is a popular tourist destination as well as a snowbird destination, so finding auto shipping companies that are willing to ship to and from the area shouldn’t be too challenging. It also helps that St. Augustine sits just east of one of the busiest and most heavily traveled interstates in the country, I-95, which is popular not just with motorists but also auto shippers. I-95 connects some of the largest metropolitan areas in the entire country together in one straight shot, so carriers are always quick to take advantage.

Make sure to talk to someone about your auto transportation services, though, because that’s going to make a big difference. Just talking to someone on the phone can give you a better idea of the company you’re planning on hiring, possible deals and other ways to save money or time, and gives you a voice to a name and a faceless entity thousands of miles away. Auto transport can be daunting, especially nowadays since everything is done online and rather anonymously; trust is a big factor, so make sure to talk to a shipping company before deciding to book with them.

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