Palmetto 1Palmetto is a city located in Manatee County, Florida, and is currently home to over 12,000 residents. Located just north of Bradenton, which itself is located just north of Sarasota, Palmetto sits in the Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice metropolitan area, which is home to close to 150,000 residents. Palmetto sits near where I-275, an auxiliary interstate of I-75, meets up with its parent interstate, though the junction is located just a few miles north. Palmetto is not the most popular of areas in Florida to ship a vehicle to or from, but it sits in a metro area that is popular with snowbirds – customers who own winter homes in the region – and this helps keep prices lower into Palmetto during the winter months.

Basic Facts About Palmetto:

  • Current population: 12,500
  • Current mayor: Shirley Groover Bryant
  • Total area: 4.5 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Manatee County
  • Founded in: 1897 (incorporated)
  • Zip codes: 34220-34221
  • Area codes: 941

Auto Transport Tips to and from Palmetto

Palmetto may not be a popular snowbird destination in Florida, but it’s surrounded by cities that are, which makes it easier for you to simply piggyback onto a carrier heading that way. During the fall and winter is typically when it’s cheapest to ship to Palmetto, as more and more carriers are gearing up for the snowbird shipping season, so keep that in mind when finding an auto transport company to ship to or from the area.

The city also sits near the junction of I-75 and I-275; this should also help keep prices a bit lower, as the city is easily accessible from one of the most heavily-traveled interstates in Florida and easily the most heavily traveled in the western areas of the state. You may also find that pickup times from some of the larger cities in the country will be quicker when shipping to Palmetto.

We recommend that you speak to a live agent regarding your actual shipment, however, as there are always conditions and details that may differ from what you read here. You can get multiple free auto transport quotes e-mailed to you within about an hour by filling out our free online quote form; you’ll get quotes from upstanding and honest auto transport companies that can help you get from anywhere, to anywhere in the U.S. If you have questions about the information in this page or about our website, call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents completely free today.

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