Neptune Beach 1Neptune Beach is a city located in Duval County, Florida, and is currently home to over 7,000 residents. Originally a part of Jacksonville Beach, Neptune was created – or so the story says – by a single man who wanted to save time on walking home every day. A resident of Jacksonville Beach, Dan Wheeler had to walk from the train station in southern Jacksonville Beach back to his home in northern Jacksonville Beach. The conductor said that if there was a station closer to his home, the train would have to stop – so Dan built one, and named it Neptune. Once incorporation came up, residents of Neptune Beach decided to basically secede and become its own independent city in 1968. Though technically an independent city, Neptune Beach, like the other “Beach” cities in Duval County, is still tied to Jacksonville, and residents vote in mayoral elections and have representation in city hall.

Basic Facts About Neptune Beach

  • Current population: 7,000
  • Current mayor: Harriet Pruette
  • Total area: 6.8 sq mi
  • Official website:
  • Located in: Duval County
  • Founded in: 1922
  • Zip codes: 32266
  • Area codes: 904

Auto Transport Tips to Neptune Beach

Neptune Beach is located on the eastern coast of Florida, east of Jacksonville. It is one of the “Beach” cities along with Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach and Baldwin, and is a popular auto transport destination for customers known as “snowbirds” – people who own winter homes, usually in Florida and Arizona but in other states as well, that live in their winter homes during the winter and move back up north during the spring and summer. This way, they get the best weather of both regions without having to suffer through the brutal times of the year (winter in the north, summer in the south).

Snowbird shipping to Neptune Beach, though, can be more expensive than shipping to Jacksonville proper, and it’s here where you’ll likely be able to save some money. Jacksonville is located about 30 miles west of Neptune Beach; because of its proximity, it’s easier for shippers to get to Jacksonville and meet you there than having to drive all the way east to the coast.  This can save you money and time because carriers are more willing to go to Jacksonville than the coast, which means if you switch your pickup or delivery to Jacksonville carriers will be more inclined to take it, and for a lower price since they don’t have to go all the way to the coast.

You’ll want to discuss all the fine particulars with your auto transport representative, though, because things shift quickly in the car shipping industry and their information may be a bit different than ours. This is the best course of action, and you can get in contact with different transport companies by filling out our free online quote form; you’ll get multiple quotes from reputable and reliable shippers e-mailed to you, and you can contact them directly for more information. If you have additional questions about this or any page on our site, or just need some basic questions about our services or the industry in general answered, call us toll-free at 800-930-7417 to speak to one of our live agents.

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